Choreografische Werkstaat 2011
After Graduating school I realized that I have friends, family and supporters that I want to keep updated and in contact with. This website is my attempt to give you a chance to see me dance, hear about what or where I am now, and see some of my past outreach projects.

Where to start?

On the right hand side there is a list of pages which include my bio, where I am now, some example lesson plans, and a link to my dance reel on youtube.
Underneath that are seperate links to projects I have run during the past few years. These are projects I have done on my own with the support of family and school. I am hoping to run another project during the 2011 year, so please check out the projects and let me know what you think!
Also please let me know if I need to add something more...Enjoy!!

Past six months...

David Parker's "Nut/Cracked" is where I left off... the experience as well as performing the show was full of laughs and fun times. The show was recieved well at the DTW space with lots of positive reviews.

After many holiday cookies and warm family hugs I travelled to Germany to work in the Staatstheater Kassel with Choreographer and Director Johannes Wieland. I couldn't believe this dream was finally coming true. I have wanted to dance with this company since the beginnnig of Junior year in college. AND NOW I AM!
Since I have been here in Germany I have done three shows and a film!
Scheherazade was the first show, which was choreogrpahed by Johannes Wieland. It was an evening length piece of non-stop dancing! It was an absolute blast!
Choreografische Werkstaat 2011 was a show performed in the Fredicannium musem here in Kassel, choreographed by the dancers. This show was a lot of fun and a lot of work since we designed the whole show! The film i did was with a fellow dancer and hopefully I will be able to post the film on this blog! coming soon!
The Black Rider: Casting of the Magic Bullets is a show performed in the park, at night, and lit by fire! The writer is William Burroughs and the music is by Tom Waitts.

I have learned a lot about people, life in a new country, and how to cope with being in "the real world." To be honest other than working life here, Europe is a lot slower than America. Now that isn't a bad thing necessarily, but I definitely had to learn the art of slowing down! And after about six months I finally have!

I will be returning to the states in July to do the Florida Homestead Program, and then various other projects. I will let you know how they go!

Until then, Ciao!

17 Airplanes, One 10 hour overnight bus ride, and 9 hour drive to NC later....

I am back in New York City. I have been all around the United States travelling, choreographing, performing, taking class, and teaching like crazy! I have had such a wonderful experience these past few months. I have learned a lot about being a real human being, not a student anymore. I have learned a lot about teaching and dance, and recently I have learned what really holds value to me- now that I literally live out of a suitcase. Since I was 13 years old I have lived away from home yet under the protection of a school and a full schedule. I am now, finally, learning what it means to make my own schedule and my own choices with time and money. I have met a number of people this summer that I hope stay in my life forever- even though I've only just met them I can tell they are the kind of people and relationships that mean more than a simple acquaintance.
After a 9 hour drive hauling all of my stuff to North Carolina from NYC I arrived in NC. I taught for a week at Christy Curtis dance studio, CC&Co- the dancers were wonderful. Then I took my 17th airplane in the past few months straight to my new apartment and then to rehearsal with David Parker. I am currently in NYC taking classes in  the morning and rehearsing with David Parker during the afternoon. We are working on "Nut/Cracked" which is entering it's 4th season at DTW (Dance Theater Workshop). Rehearsals have been great so far, since I am practically the only one who doesn't know it I do foresee some challenges...but bring it on! Come see our show! 17-20th of December

My summer...

Was incredibly long! I started out traveling to California with Anthony Lomuljo, another classmate of mine. We ran modern and jazz master classes and I taught private lessons at three different dance studios (Dance Attack!) in Sunnyvale and Los Gatos. I had such an amazing time teaching with Anthony and I was asked to come back whenever I had free time to teach at any of these studios.

Returning to New York for only 2 days I packed my things for Homestead Florida. South Florida, hot and in need of serious attention. Working for a company called ASTEP I facilitated an interdisciplinary arts camp for five weeks. 65 students and 14 teachers teaching dance, drama, music, story telling, musical theater, and visual arts was a lot to handle. Not to mention we were cooking every meal for each other and running a camp from 9-4 everyday. We taught high school students for four weeks giving them regular arts classes as well as electives such as improvisation, hip hop, collaboration, ballroom, and social justice. We also talked about ways to apply to college, alternate options, business and art, and immigration. At the end of the camp we and put on an incredible show. And of course the work hasn't stopped since we left, they have started their own Social justice group which meets once a week to tackle issues such as illegal immigration and poverty. Such an inspiring experience left me ready yet tired for my next travels.

Returning again to New York, only for three days I traveled with Brandon Epting ( my lovely boyfriend and accomplished classical saxophonist ) and Tsukasa Kondo, actor from New York  all the way to Japan! There we taught interdisciplinary workshops to two groups of musical theater students, I set a dance piece, taught private lessons and performed in a dance festival. Traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto to Kobe was such an experience. You can read more about the trip under the 2010 project link.
Then returning again to New York absolutely exhausted I went to North Carolina for a few days to see the wonderful family and then headed straight to California. Now I am living with Dominique Lomuljo, Anthony's sister and teach dance at two separate studios. I am also choreographing a competition trio and a concert piece.

Life is crazy right now. I am trying to rest, things have been so fast lately. However I am finding space and breath everyday as my body begins to calm down from ALL of the travelling. I have had a wonderful, full, and exciting summer. Now I am beginning to really work and live in this real world.

The next step is back to New York, and dancing with David Parker, and then off to Germany to dance with Johannes But for now I am in California for a few more weeks and loving it! I will keep you posted about how the choreography and teaching goes. Until then sayoonara!